Ectosense Announces Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

Leuven, Belgium Ectosense NV (“Ectosense”), a digital health and medical device company focused on innovative sleep disorder care solutions, announces the strengthening of its management team with the appointment of Ciaran McCourt as Chief Executive Officer.

As the newly appointed CEO, Ciaran McCourt will be spearheading global business, channel, and strategy development for Ectosense in the sleep diagnostics industry.

Co-founder Bart Van Pee comments:

“We are very pleased to get someone with Ciaran’s depth of experience on board to drive the company’s high ambitions in delivering scalable and clinically validated diagnostics and services in sleep disorder care globally.”

Speaking to his appointment, Mr. McCourt says:

 “I am very pleased to take up this role with Ectosense operating at the leading edge of developing innovative respiratory diagnostics, beginning in the domain of sleep apnea with the Nightowl® device. The device is a perfectly timed step change in sleep apnea screening and diagnosis given its ease of use and cost of delivery just as patients and providers are seeking ever more convenient devices without sacrificing diagnostic efficacy. I believe the engineering, clinical, and design strengths of Ectosense will ensure its place in the new generation of device companies that will improve access to important disease diagnostics and services.”

Mr. McCourt previously held leading positions in emerging digital health companies including the position of CEO at NASDAQ-listed eDiets (US) as well as at Unilever biometric sensor spin out MiLife (UK). Continuing his career in sleep disorder care, he was director of international business development for BiancaMed (Ireland), a sleep monitoring technology company acquired by ResMed (NYSE:RMD) in 2014. He proceeded to work at ResMed (US) in Health Economics developing strategy for care management in diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Most recently, he worked in strategy and market development for SleepMed Inc. (US), a leading sleep diagnostics provider.

Mr. McCourt’s appointment follows the entry of the Brussels-based private equity group Saffelberg Investments in a recent financing operation announced on 16 March 2018 which included the involvement of several industry experts.                                                                               

About Ectosense nv

Ectosense is a European digital health and medical device company focused primarily on sleep disorders incubated in the imec.istart program ( and funded by Saffelberg Investments ( This summer it will be launching its unique diagnostic product for sleep apnea, the NightOwl®, in Europe with a subsequent launch in the US market thereafter. With its simple design, it will diagnose sleep apnea with utmost comfort and accuracy. Leveraging the best of micro-electronics, data science and Ectosense’s cloud-based platform, its combination of fingertip size, and smartphone connectivity, allows it to deliver the most convenient, cost-effective, and highly accurate sleep apnea diagnosis and cloud-based report service. Compliant with clinical guidelines and existing reimbursement codes, the device offers new ways of reaching undiagnosed sleep apnea sufferers. 

About Ectosense

We're a medtech startup on a mission to restore the sleep of the one billion people that suffer from a sleep disorder. We leverage the best of micro-electronics, biomedical signal processing and data science to bring medical solutions that are vastly more elegant and effective.